Live it at the Levitt! Boco do Rio @ MacArthur Park Saturday


Okay, guys we’re in it, it’s official, it’s on. It’s August!  Summer 2014 is a happening thing; you could call it a “fait accompli”! Or, of greater concern, soon to wane!

boca-do-rioSo the time is right for the swinging samba rhythms that always sound good, but somehow better on a sultry summer evening.

Which brings us to Boco do Rio, a San Francisco band that takes its name from the Portuguese “mouth of the river” – the place where myriad streams and sources converge into one powerful, flowing, physical energy.

The Boco-ites will be lighting up a free MacArthur Park concert this weekend. The picnic and nosh-friendly event works for all in the family. Bring the girlfriend, bring the mom, the kids, the dancing shoes. Just bring it!

Boco do Rio | Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles | MacArthur Park | Sat Aug 9, 8 pm

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