Getting jiggy with the sarabande


367Courtesy of Catherine Turocy, the Baroque/Renaissance dance expert who heads up the New York Baroque Dance Co., comes this image of Barbara Campanin (La Barbarina).

La Barabarina, in the image, demonstrates the épaulement — the torque of her shoulders against her torso and hips — in the sarabande, a jiggy popular dance of the day. 

Portrayed by painter Jean-Philippe de La Roche, La Barbarina poses at a heightened moment — balancing on one foot and counter-balancing with her upper body.

Turocy, a sought-after stager of operas and ballets, and a popular-dance scholar, will teach sarabande in an upcoming Saturday class. She’ll impart the posed moments and finishing graces and subtle beauty of the head, shoulder, arm, hand and finger movements.

Learn Sarabande with New York Baroque Dance Co.| Mark Morris Dance Center, Brooklyn | Sat Nov 2, 3 pm

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