Baroque musicians/dancers to prance & Zoom thru time

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The Julliard School’s primary period-instrument ensemble, Juilliard415, Robert Mealy, Director, has scheduled a time-traveling performance enhanced by students from Juilliard Dance and baroque dancers.

That means that added to the frolicking among woodwinds and strings, there will be prancing, high-stepping, posing, bourréeing, sissoning, and throw in a contretemps. All of that is coming your way either in person at Alice Tully Hall or on your living room couch via Zoom.

The program opens with Rebel’s explosive orchestral suite of Les Élemens, the opening blast of which depicts 18th century chaos: Every note of the scale sounded at once! That sounds brash!

Four Baroque dancers, under the direction of dancer/choreographer Caroline Copeland, will perform new Baroque choreographies to Jean-Féry Rebel’s Les caractères de la danse and a suite of dances from John Blow’s Venus and Adonis. Aaron Loux, an alum of the Juilliard dance program, is creating a new choreography with current Juilliard dancers based on a suite from Rameau’s Naïs of 1749.

  • Jean-Féry REBEL Les Élemens
  • REBEL Les caractères de la danse
  • John BLOW Suite from Venus and Adonis
  • Jean-Philippe RAMEAU Suite from Naïs 

If you are streaming, watch as scheduled! Juilliard is not Netflix, and will not be ‘broadcasting’ the performance after its scheduled date and time “on demand.”

Moving Through Time: Baroque Dances Old and New | The Juilliard School’s Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center | Mon May 1, in-person or by Zoom

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