Who’s behind arts•meme?

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Yes, we have survived for fifteeen years. So perhaps it is time for you to meet your arts•meme team.

Editor/Publisher Debra Levine, the non-exclusive voice of the meme (we publish many other writers as well), chose the name ‘arts•meme’ in launching a fine arts blog covering film, classical music, jazz, theater, and the museum world, as well as her first love, dance. Launching in May 2008, with the U.S. economy tanking, it’s been nonstop ever since.


Mark Levine, software engineer and esteemed ‘birder,’ who oversees the site’s technology, based the blog’s original look on a highly customized version of wordpress’s “Atahualpa” theme. Betraying a fondness for extinguished Aztec tribe leaders, Mark launched arts•meme v. 2, in a theme called “Montezuma.” Mark may be contacted at istarnet.com, where he develops customized blog and websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

chris green

We love the cool color palette and mid-century-modern sensibility of graphic designer Chris Green who is responsible for arts•meme logos and promotions. Inspired by his own last name, Chris has given the world “arts•meme green.” Chris works by day consulting on corporate branding and design themes.  

Clark Kent

Another great aid has been software guy Kent Bulza, by night the cool cat who ran New Puppy Gallery. By day, Kent is an in-demand consultant in database technology, toiling for the betterment of our medical records in the health care industry. Kent is 24/7 a friend of arts•meme. That’s called F.O.A.M.

Loads of friends, readers, contributors, bloggers, skeptics, critics, cheerleaders, fans and foes have pitched in to our success. We love you all! 

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