Ballet dancer, movie star Marc Platt’s “Culture by the Mile” 2

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A marvelous Columbia Pictures publicity photo from 1947 features a rare creature: a ballet dancer who became a movie star — Marc Platt. And he’s still alive, with us, nearly 100 years old. Bravo Marc Platt, a beautiful American dancer! The touching, slightly potboiler “verso” text (posted below the photo) was written by a Columbia Pictures p.r. scribe in tandem to Platt’s appearance in DOWN TO EARTH (1947). The film’s choreographer, Jack Cole.

Click on text-block to read about Platt’s “Culture by the Mile.”

Photo: courtesy Larry Billman, The Academy of Dance on Film 

2 thoughts on “Ballet dancer, movie star Marc Platt’s “Culture by the Mile”

  1. maureen Dec 4,2013 12:13 am

    Marc is celebrating his 100th birthday this Sunday, Dec. 6th at the Mill Valley Club house, Mill Valley, CA. 94941
    Celebration from 12:00 – 3:00.

  2. ToscasKiss May 7,2013 10:34 am

    Marc Platt is a great favorite of mine, along with Tommy Rall, both of whom never got the kind of movie success and celebrity they deserved, but who were great dancers with creativity and character abounding. Both are still with us, and I’m looking around for mailing addresses, as I want to send cards to them both, just to say hi, express admiration and thanks, etc. If anyone has info, I’d appreciate hearing it, if you could post here. Thanks.

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