You want audience? China has audience! 2


Back now for several weeks from the tour of central China with Lula Washington Dance Theatre, our friend Keith forwards us photos. Perusing, I’m reminded of the outdoor amphitheater at Zhengzhou’s SIAS University in Henan where we had two shows. The first night a mere 2,000 people were in the house; the second, ostensibly enjoying positive word of mouth, the house anted up 3,000 audience members. It was great — and pretty nuts!

Every show ended like this. Down came the fourth wall and up to the stage came the audience.

A photography frenzy ensued. Memories abound of the wonderful cultural exchange.

Queala and friend

thank you keith lommel, u.s. embassy in beijing, for the photos

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2 thoughts on “You want audience? China has audience!

  1. Karen Goodman Jul 13,2011 4:00 am

    Great title. So according to Christian, we’re doing pretty well over here with like 50-100? Cool.

  2. Christian Hertzog Jul 6,2011 11:26 pm

    It seems like a lot, but there are so many more inhabitants in China, that proportionally 2000 people at a Zhengzhou show would be like 20 people at an LA performance.

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