Eek-A-Mouse 2


What was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon?

If you are thinking “Steamboat Willie,” you would be wrong.

Mickey Mouse got his start in “Plane Crazy,” but not a single distributor bought it. Undaunted, Walt Disney began work on the second Mickey Mouse cartoon, “Gallopin’ Gaucho,” released on December 30, 1928.

You can see both classic silent Mickey Mouse cartoons projected on the unbelievably huge and fabulous screen of the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard — accompanied by the award-winning Rob Richards at the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.

Alex-Zsolt, billed as America’s new gospel pianist, will also perform. That sounds good, Hungarian name and all.

God, it all sounds good … but what about that early starting time!!?

Do they think cartoons are for children ??

Disney Pipes & Pops | El Capitan Theater | Saturday Jan 15, 10 am (Saturday morning cartoon hour)

2 thoughts on “Eek-A-Mouse

  1. debra Jan 5,2011 11:02 pm

    Thank you Michael, for your perspicacious comment. Indeed I checked on the program with the stellar publicists who handle the Disney El Capitan account, Davidson & Choy. D & C inform me that the program is primarily an hour-plus musical program, with the organists pounding on the mighty Wurlitzer. The cartoons are thrown in as a bonus for kids of all ages. I am very much looking forward to attending. I enjoy in particular the balcony at the El Capitan.

  2. mike schlesinger Jan 5,2011 7:27 pm

    That can’t be the entire program–two 7-minute cartoons. What else is on the bill?

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