Postcards from the beyond

Carrie Fisher is gone. Debbie Reynolds is gone. Mike Nichols is gone. But on Thursday February 2 those dearly departed will send us a postcard from the beyond. A nice ‘homage’ screening of Nichols’s “Postcards From the Edge” (1990) at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. Carrie Fisher adapted her semi-autobiographical best-seller about an actress ...

All hail Alan Johnson! 1

Dance · Film
This montage of career-choreography by three-time Emmy Award winner Alan Johnson, created for his Lifetime Achievement recognition at the American Choreography Awards, features snippets from Mel Brooks movies, Johnson’s television appearances and stage and commercial work. The clips give evidence of the choreographer’s clean, classic jazz style, his smooth elegance and strong sense of line. ...

How now, Shirley MacLaine @ TCM Fest 2015

Shirley MacLaine made a few appearances at this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival, and she enthralled audiences with her candor. She revealed that when she first received the script for the Oscar-winning film, The Apartment, it was only 29 pages long. Director Billy Wilder and his longtime writing partner, I.A.L. Diamond, continued writing as filming ...

Backstage intimacy from Phil Stern’s camera 1

Film · Music · Visual arts
Hollywood photographers have always had to walk a fine line. Their work is contingent on access to the celebrated, but entree hinges on trust and following implicit rules of privacy. Movie studios have always wanted their actors and directors depicted in the best possible light and they’ve rewarded those whose images flatter most. But good ...