Donald Trump’s ‘perfect call’ taps Mario Puzo playbook

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From the Zelensky call transcript: July 2019 telcon Donald Trump to President Zelensky of Ukraine

“Big Shot” skewers THE GODFATHER @ Bootleg Theater

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“That’s my family; that’s not me.” So Michael Corleone assures his blue-blooded girlfriend, Kay, in one of his character’s persistent moments of self-denial. First expressed in Mario Puza’s pulpy popular novel, a mega best seller published in 1969, the line was famously recycled in (then) newbie director Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic movie in three installments, ...

East Village building echoing art history gets preservation award

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Our story concerns a grand, old New York City structure with a noble track record in art and cultural history. The pink lady in the picture has been home to creative endeavors in music, dance and film. Last year, the exterior of the building receive a $2.1 million restoration as part of the renovations of ...