Looks beautiful: Christian Petzold’s ‘Undine’ at German Currents Film Festival

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One of Germany’s most celebrated film auteurs, Christian Petzold, brings a Los Angeles premiere to the German Currents Film Festival which kicks off today. Petzold’s UNDINE is a retelling, updated, of the myth of a water-nymph who marries a mortal. The story is set in modern-day Berlin. Told through Petzold’s precise visual style, the film ...

The unlikely coaches of classical ballet 1

Tamara Karsavina coaches Margot Fonteyn in “Le Spectre de la Rose”   Joan Lawson teaches Royal Ballet boys (courtesy Richard Slaughter)   Nijinska rehearses Les Noces for the Royal Ballet revival of 1966. (Thank you, Richard Slaughter, former Royal Ballet principal dancer)

Sir Frederick Ashton. Genius. Cigarette smoker. 1

“He smoked like a chimney. He would always have a cigarette in his fingers. He would walk up to you and he would want to tilt your head for the correct épaulement. I always thought he would burn my ear with his cigarette.” This memory of Frederick Ashton comes from Ashley Wheater, the 50-year-old artistic ...

Moira Shearer in Ashton’s Cinderella 1

I’ve been researching “Cinderella,” Frederick Ashton’s fairy tale ballet for adults choreographed for Sadlers Wells Ballet (precursor to the Royal Ballet) based on Prokofiev’s score. The Joffrey Ballet is bringing its production of this gem to Los Angeles at the end of January. “Cinderella” was the first full-evening ballet Ashton, or any British-born dance maker, created. He made the work ...