Memorial Day 2020: Los Angeles theaters we miss 1

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coveted during covid quarantine – the egyptian theatrethis spectacular photo of the egyptian’s balcony by morgan glier for the ucla daily bruin It all feels surreal — but my essential problem during the theater shutdown of the Covid-19 pandemic is that for me, art happens at night. Rarely during the day, sometimes at matinees, and ...

Awaiting the return of Amir ElSaffar’s eclectic & enchanting soundstream 2

Ed. note: This article was commissioned and first published by The Soraya in conjunction with an April 16, 2020 performance, unfortunately cancelled by COVID-19. It is republished on artsmeme with permission. This young jazz-fusion artist, who mixes an Oriental and Western sound, merits your attention. Musical eclecticism is built into the DNA of the 43-year-old ...

In Yiddish: ‘Vash di hent!’ Wash your hands.

photo courtesy yale strom That’s the sage advice of our meshugenah but so-talented friend Yale Strom, who is hosting a special Facebook live offering this coming Wednesday on Radio Free Covid-19. The program, The Tshudne Shtunde (Bizarre Hour) features music from Strom’s ethnographic trips in Eastern Europe collecting klezmer and Yiddish songs from 1981-through today. ...

Exit the jazz giant: McCoy Tyner

Meandering, plucking-and-picking, pouring forth, cascading. In the video, pianist McCoy Tyner (1938-2020) both reveres and rips into “My One and Only Love.” It’s a ditty with underpinnings so thin it’s just humbling the mighty mountain of sound Tyner constructs of it. Personnel include McCoy Tyner (piano), Azar Lawrence (saxophones), Juini Booth (contrabass), E. W. Wainwright, ...

Bird Lives — to 100 — at CAP UCLA

Urban legend has it that the Kansas City native, alto saxophonist and legend, Charlie Parker, copped the nickname “Bird” (shortened from “Yardbird”) due to his hankering for southern fried chicken. We’ll buy that; and while that finger-licking dish comes from a bird that rambles close to the ground, the self-taught virtuoso of American jazz who ...

Soulful, spiritual, aspirational: Yuval Ron Ensemble revisits Spain’s Golden Age

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The first time I heard the music of virtuoso guitarist Yuval Ron was, gosh, it must have been twenty years ago, in an intimate concert at a private home — his own. Packed into a living room on three sides in chairs arranged three rows deep, a group of total strangers passed an indelible evening ...

Schoenberg, Schoenberg & Mehta at Disney Hall

Not a new law firm, although the gent on the left, E. Randol Schoenberg, is an attorney. And he is a friend of artsmeme. This charming backstage-at-Disney-Hall portrait taken January 10, 2020 features Zubin Mehta, Conductor Emeritus of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, following a pithy program at the L.A. Phil of music by Wagner and ...

Get serious, Los Angeles!

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Richard Valitutto, Pianospheres Jan 14photo: Jonathan Nesteruk It’s January. So, no excuses. Clear the eggnog out of your noggin — and get ready for some serious art. In Los Angeles, it’s all around us. Artists and their presenters are hitting the new decade afresh, and with force. It does not get headier than the L.A. ...

New Year’s Eve 2020 with the great Judy Garland

Madam, you are simply the greatest. In fact, you are ‘swell.’ Judy did this witty marvelous number to a song by Irving Berlin, coupled with Fred Astaire, in EASTER PARADE (1948). But she immeasurably upped the performance ante in this absolutely fantastic television rendition. Here it is (we love it) in EASTER PARADE.

Yo-ho-ho-liday recordings 2019!

Antonio “Tony” Covay, as “Singing Black Santa,” last week outside the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. (Amanda Voisard for The Washington Post) Holiday-themed recordings haven’t made much noise in recording industry cash registers for a long time. Yet Mariah Carey’s 1994 song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” is number one on the ...