Middle Eastern cultures to convene in peace at Yuval Ron’s ‘Rumi’s Wedding’

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We’re in faraway Los Angeles. But here’s guessing peoples in every corner of our hurting world would love nothing more for our Middle East brethren to enjoy a resplendent Sunday evening of Arabic/Sufi/Israel culture at Rumi’s Wedding Night Celebration. The December 17 concert features acclaimed world music artist and peace activist Yuval Ron and his ensemble, alongside Afghani Sufi vocalist and musician Khawaja Ehrari and Persian dancer Banafsheh Sayyad

Within Sufism, December 17 is celebrated as a holiday to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of 13th-century poet and Sufi mystic Jalaluddin Rumi. The observance of the anniversary of a Sufi saint is called “`urs,” which means “wedding,” because the saint is believed to have attained “union” with God.

The Resonance Collective, a non-profit performing arts organization based in Los Angeles, is presenting the concert as part of its Golden Thread Concert Series.

yuval ron

World music artist Yuval Ron and his ensemble are best known for performances that unite the music and dance of the people of the Middle East. He is a composer, record producer, touring and performance artist, peace activist, author and educator, who began playing the oud with the Bedouin tribes in the Sinai desert. He has worked with Turkish, Iraqi-Israeli, Palestinian and Armenian master-musicians. His style of playing is also influenced by Gypsy-Flamenco, Andalusian, blues and jazz music. The ensemble includes Jewish, Christian and Muslim artists who have been actively involved in creating musical bridges between people of various faiths and ethnic groups worldwide.

Rumi’s Wedding Night Celebration | First Congregational Church of Los Angeles | December 17

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