A sensory feast as ‘Queen’ 1981 rock concert gets IMAX revisit

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A fleeting window into rock’s pantheon opens from January 18th to 21st, as IMAX presents Queen Rock Montreal, a visceral document of the band’s incandescent live energy and artistry. Queen’s deep respect and unwavering generosity toward their audience shines through every frame and every note of this documentary film that captures two nights of performances at the Montreal Forum in November 1981 and later immortalized on their live concert album of the same name released in 2007.

Queen Rock Montreal captures in two-story high images with 12-channel re-mastered sound, over two dozen Queen anthems, including global hits like Somebody to Love, We Will Rock You, Under Pressure, Another One Bites the Dust, and many more. Who can resist the image of Freddie Mercury, exuding nonchalance and freedom, barefoot in nothing but white shorts as he belts out songs that defy categorization? Queen epitomizes artistry, craftsmanship, and boundless imagination, forging a musical path influencing everyone from heavy metal to country. Queen Rock Montreal won’t just rock you. It will energize you. And make you feel grateful that film preservation keeps human connection and creativity alive. 

IMAX presents QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL | IMAX Theatres nationwide

Stephan Koplowitz covers the film beat for artsmeme in New York.

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