To unfold once more! My Miyake


Ed. note: It’s not every woman who can rock a high-fashion ensemble like the one above designed by Issey Miyake (1938-2022), whose immense trail of creativity left our world this past week. One lady who can is the London-based author and arts journalist Candace Allen, who writes about the inimitable look here:

I’d been gifted the fluid, textured conversation of a Miyake scarf, but the [above/pictured] two piece was my first of his ‘let-me-kiss-the feet-of-the-master’ creations. There are dissertations on Miyake’s process but dry words nowhere near the bliss of wearing polyester – yes, polyester! – come to silky spun and kinetically sculptural wit at once. That the man’s genius. This worn to the opening of a Rameau opera in Austria and me feeling all twenty-first century Watteau. Worn to a concert hall opening and snapped – nay, anointed – by the great Bill Cunningham.  Collapsed down into its original flat envelope, it awaits further service, which will come.

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