‘Little Sparrow’ to Long Beach: ‘Piaf! The Show’


Karen Carpenter would approve. She would be thrilled to learn that the noble performing arts center named in her honor will be presenting a concert by The Little Sparrow.

Well, almost! The Sparrow once removed. “Piaf! The Show,” a delicious way to pass a Sunday afternoon, popped out at me when I studied the season at the wonderful and warm Richard & Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. It’s a much acclaimed tribute concert for the tiny woman whose  way of trilling her ‘r’s left a trail of sound as heady as a cloud of French perfume.

Since I’m giving such advanced notice (the concert is in March), it strikes me that a pair of tickets to “Piaf! The Show” would make such a nice Valentine’s Day gift.

Anne Carrère, who channels the French chanteuse, has been called a “legitimate musical heiress” to Piaf with a “soaring voice” by The Guardian.

The show narrates the story of the Parisian singer’s career through her songs, complemented by a visual tapestry of previously unreleased photographs and images of Edith Piaf’s Paris.

I enjoy my visits to the Carpenter Center, often combining them with a nice dinner in downtown Long Beach. So go!

Piaf! The Show | Carpenter Performing Arts Center | Sun, Mar 17, 2 pm

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