Tarantino’s dream: the Pussycat meets the Bookshop 2

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Women around the world are beside themselves with joy to see movie director Quentin Tarantino bring back the sleaze old days of the late sixties, when XXX-rated porn movies spooled at the bygone Pussycat Theatre. Admittedly, even I miss rolling by this colorful (ahem, it was the color purple) ediface of screaming architecture on the block of Hollywood Boulevard between Cherokee and Las Palmas Avenues. Tarantino’s film, starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, concerns another wonderful memory, the Manson murders, and is set in 1969.

Writer Chris Nichols, who is L.A.’s go-to expert on vintage architecture and a dear friend of arts·meme (FOAM), shares some of Tarantino’s amazing production re-creations in a photo spread for Los Angeles Magazine here.

Right next door (in 1969, it subsequently moved shop) to the raw happenings at the Pussycat — the pantings and moanings, comings and goings, entries and exits — a bookshop! It was good to hear from another FOAM, Jeff Mantor, owner/manager of Larry Edmunds Bookshop now relocated to 6644 Hollywood Boulevard. Writes Jeff, “striving to thrive,”

Greetings from Hollywood!

I’m back from my visit to 1969 courtesy of Quentin Tarantino the “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” set.

For those who don’t know, the exterior of The Larry Edmunds Bookshop of 1969 was recreated at the address it used to be at, 6658 Hollywood next to the Pussycat Theatre.

It was quite exciting to see the recreation & passion for the fun nostalgic details that were about Southern California & Hollywood in particular from those days gone by (& I won’t lie, a little celebrity & attention for this this place was welcome.)

So many people tell me how glad they are to see the store is “thriving”. While we are still here, everyday is a fight if you own an independent business. I’m glad our appearance is one that is positive, but I know how much needs to be done to make this store better so that you want to come find something for yourself. Not quite thriving, but certainly striving to thrive!

Photo below: Mantor and FOAM author Scott Eyman at a recent “Hank and Jim” book talk, one of many, many cozy informative book talks we enjoy attending at “the Lare.”

photos courtesy: mantor, lynn kalber

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2 thoughts on “Tarantino’s dream: the Pussycat meets the Bookshop

  1. debra levine Aug 3,2018 9:39 pm

    Our pleasure, Pussycat!
    Love, artsmeme

  2. Larry Edmunds Aug 3,2018 9:15 pm

    Thank you arts meme!
    We know you’re striving to thrive w/ every new edition.
    Keep up the good work & thank you for acknowledging our wonderful legacy &
    Our current existence as well. Much appreciated.

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