Happy 50th Mr. Rogers from fellow Pittsburghers at arts•meme 4


Click the arrow above for the sweet sound of Fred Rogers inviting you to be his neighbor. “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” debuted fifty years ago, on February 19, 1968, produced by WQED-Pittsburgh.

We’re global now. But arts•meme‘s editorial and technology team has roots in the friendly, neighborly city of Pittsburgh. Proud that Mr. Rogers drew on local talent in assembling his creative team.

4 thoughts on “Happy 50th Mr. Rogers from fellow Pittsburghers at arts•meme

  1. debra levine Feb 21,2018 10:34 am

    Thank you so much for calling out Johnny Costa, Douglas!

  2. Douglas Levine Feb 21,2018 7:53 am

    Re-listening to the show’s opening song is always a reminder of Fred’s savvy move in securing the brilliant pianist Johnny Costa as his music director. Costa was a hometown boy with international promise, who opted to keep his career in Pittsburgh for the sake of his family. He was also an improvisational genius who never played down to his young audience. M.R.N. is among so many things also a wonderful catalogue of Costa’s unique talents, and for most young viewers their first exposure to great jazz. THX Fred & Johnny!

  3. debra levine Feb 20,2018 11:01 am

    How very true. Thank you, Dana, as you are also a gentle person in the mode of Mr. Rogers.

  4. Dana Ross Feb 20,2018 10:59 am

    I wish Mr. Rogers was alive. He would be a great voice against gun violence.

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