Miss Carmen regrets … 2

“I am truly honored to receive the Kennedy Center Honors Award and look forward to attending the ceremony at the Kennedy Center. In light of the socially divisive and morally caustic narrative that our existing leadership is choosing to engage in, and in keeping with the principles that I and so many others have fought for, I will be declining the invitation to attend the reception at the White House.” – Carmen de Lavallade

This powerful elegant woman used a velvet glove to force the hand of the current administration … leading to the “recusal” of Donald and Melania Trump from the Kennedy Center Honors 2017. Sad!

2 thoughts on “Miss Carmen regrets …

  1. debra levine Sep 18,2017 7:09 pm

    Thank you, Bill Stern

  2. Bill Stern Aug 31,2017 12:13 pm


    Thank you for your most welcome acknowledgement of Carmen de Lavallade’s principled stand against DT.

    Bill Stern

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