Rauschenberg dance contributions recognized in live MoMA performance

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Who’s going to New York? Oh, you already live there? Then get thee to MoMA on Wednesday, September 6, for a curated performance of mid-century dance masterworks at the vaunted MoMA Sculpture Garden twice that day.

The dance program accompanies Robert Rauschenberg: Among Friends, the exhibit now on at the Museum through September 17. Rauschenberg had a hand in either look or the sound of the performance pieces on the program.

Robert Rauschenberg’s six-decade career was shaped by his friendships and collaborations with avant-garde choreographers and dancers. He worked with Trisha Brown, Merce Cunningham, and Paul Taylor, contributing sets, costumes, lighting design, and sound to their dances. Program below:

Merce Cunningham

Changeling. 1958
Performed by Silas Riener
Music: Christian Wolff. Suite (I). 1954
Costumes: After design by Robert Rauschenberg

Excerpts from Antic Meet (1958) and Travelogue. 1977
Performed by Dylan Crossman, Daniel Madoff, Melissa Toogood
Music: John Cage. Concert for Piano and Orchestra. 1957–58
Costumes: After design by Robert Rauschenberg

Paul Taylor

Three Epitaphs. 1956
Performed by Alana Allende, Rei Akazawa, Amanda Stevenson, Princeton McCurtain, Irving Amigon
Music: Traditional New Orleans jazz
Costumes: After design by Robert Rauschenberg

Tracer. 1962
Performed by Jake Deibert, Alana Allende, Rei Akazawa, Amanda Stevenson
Music: James Tenney
Costumes: After the design by Robert Rauschenberg
Set design: Robert Rauschenberg

Trisha Brown

You Can See Us. 1995
Performed by Cecily Campbell, Leah Morrison
Sound and costume design: Robert Rauschenberg

Dance Among Friends | Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Garden | Wednesday, September 6, 11:30 a.m., 3:30 pm


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