‘Starring Europe’ top film picks: from France, from Italy


Well, they all look so good, don’t they? The fourth annual European film festival in Los Angeles, Starring Europe: New Films from the EU, kicked off with a swinging red carpet/gala reception in the peerless courtyard of Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre last night. Remarks prior to the opening-night feature, MELLOW MUD, a Latvian film, indicate that Europe stands united — at least where cinema is concerned. A total of 15 consulates general in Los Angeles collaborated to pull this complex film event off.

In the coming days, we like the French comedy screening Friday night: IN BED WITH VICTORIA (2016), a rom-com about a female attorney with conflicts of interest. Film was nominated for five Cesar Awards.

But we’re also hearing good things about OUR LAST (2015), in Italian entitled IL NOSTRO ULTIMO — a black comedy. When their mother suddenly dies, two brothers want to fulfill her last wish to visit Sicily, so they make their final family vacation an impromptu road trip with her coffin tied to the roof of their car.

Oh dear! Actually it’s a pretty funny concept … This family drama won the award for Best Film at Ferrara Film Festival in 2016. The film’s director, Ludovico Di Martino, will be present for a q/a after the screening.

OUR LAST | Aero Theatre | Mon, May 15, 7:30pm | tickets

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