Bob Mackie for Barrie Chase, a collectible

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This beautiful costume, a collectible, worn by a sensational and sultry dancer can be yours. The heavily embellished jumpsuit in autumn shades custom was made by Bob Mackie and worn by Barrie Chase on The Fred Astaire Show (NBC, 1968).

Yes, you can buy it. Wow. But let’s just appreciate it for a moment.

The halter neck jumpsuit is embellished with sequins, bugle beads, beaded fringes, rhinestones in metal casing, and feathers. Together with a glitter embellished fascinator with dangling strands of flowers. How incredible is this garment~!

Chase was one of the real go-go figures of the sixties. This look nails how classy and eternal was her look. And Mackie, the designer, was a partner in achieving this. How often did Bob Mackie get a bod like this to work on?

Please don’t say “Cher.” I’m talking about a BODY. With muscles. With form.

 It is only one of several iconic dance costumes now on offer at Julien’s Auctions. Accompanied by three images signed by Chase.

Barrie Chase dance costumes | Julien’s Auction | on auction now

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