Judy Garland’s admiration for Gwen Verdon’s husband


Recently researching dance history at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, I came across this nugget from Gwen Verdon. In an interview, Gwen recounted a story with droll wit,

Judy Garland once said to me, “Oh your husband has done such a marvelous job!”

And I said who???

Because I really did not know what she meant. The show was “Redhead.” And he directed and choreographed that show. And she referred to him as my husband. It didn’t even ring a bell.

He was the director. He was the choreographer. And our relationship started that way. So it always stayed that way when we were working.

photo credit: The Verdon Fosse Legacy
source: Spotlight! Gwen Verdon. Produced by Rian Keating, Pierrot Productions. New York 1983

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