In Dallas, for SOLUNA Festival, coming apart at the seams

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In  a world that seems to be fraying if not coming apart at the seams, the ultimate deconstruction, that of the human body — a startling central image at last night’s premiere of “Rules of the Game,” a collaboration by visual artist Daniel Arsham, choreographer Jonah Bokaer, set to an original score by Pharrell Williams. Members of the esteemed Dallas Symphony Orchestra delivered Williams’s perky 40-minute score, the pop music composer/producer’s first-ever, from the pit.

As projected as a huge backdrop onto the stage of the swellegant Winspear Opera House behind Bokaer’s tribe of eight pink-clad dancers, down, down, down crashed the body bits — heads, arms, hands, fingers, faces. Even viewed by ‘cold’ video, the sight of their violent smashing to pieces gave gruesome contrast to Bokaer’s serene and statuesque choreography and William’s percolating score.

More on the eerie artistic discombobulation soon.

SOLUNA International Arts Festival | Dallas Symphony Orchestra | on now

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