Rocking the aerial ballet: Luminario’s ‘LedZAerial’

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Ten Years Gone rope pas de deuxLet’s sound that out: led-zair-ee-yall.

Otherwise entitled LedZAerial, Luminario Ballet‘s massively fun ballet-and-aerial dance pageant which throbs to the music of Led Zeppelin, including the ever popular Kashmir.

Kind of the Ravel Bolero of our time.

Luminario artistic director Judith FLEX Helle clearly takes instructions from the rock world’s seminal heavy-metal band literally. She’s created a Stairway to Heaven through dance. 

FLEX Hall’s throng of fearless aerial artists (most are super well trained not just acrobatically but with strong ballet technique as well) hang, nearly by their teeth, miles above the stage, spinning, whirling and tumbling with good, old-fashioned derring-do.

trapezeAudience hearts move immediately to throats, but that’s all part of the fun way this group of troupers connects to spectators.

The wondrous-sounding show, a tenth anniversary of a landmark ballet, touts a special guest performer Dreya Weber; aerial star and choreographer for Cher, Pink, Madonna, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Michael Jackson.

Another guest artist is music director Dr A Phoenix Delgado, who will conduct a classical quintet performing Led Zeppelin.

Ramble on, Luminario!

LedZAerial 10th anniversary | Luminario Ballet | Faisdodo | Apr 29-30

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