Proud tradition: Lifetime Achievement Awards at the McCallum


Since 1998, a proud tradition in the desert: the McCallum Theatre’s annual Choreography Festiva honors a dance legend with a Lifetime Achievement Award. This year’s Award goes to Daniel Ezralow.

1998: Marc Breaux
Award winning dancer, director and choreographer

1999: Grover Dale
Tony Award winning director and founder of

2000: Lula Washington
Choreographer and dance educator

2001: Joe Tremaine
Dance educator and choreographer

2002: George Chakiris
Golden Globe & Academy Award winning dancer and actor

2003: Dee Dee Wood
Emmy Award winning choreographer, director and dancer

2004: Carmen de Lavallade
Dancer, actress and choreographer

2005: Donald McKayle
Choreographer, dancer and dance educator

2006: Rudy Perez
Choreographer and dance educator

2007: Glen Tetley
Choreographer (dedication)

2008: Alan Johnson
Choreographer, dancer and director

2009: Nigel Lythgoe
Choreographer, dancer and Executive Producer of So You Think You Can Dance

2010: Eugene Loring
Choreographer and dancer (dedication)

2011: Julie McDonald
Dancer and Founder of MSA Agency

2012: Colleen Neary/Thordal Christensen
Dancers and Artistic Directors of Los Angeles Ballet

2013: Jacques d’Amboise
Dancer, choreographer and Founder of National Dance Institute

2014: Suzanne Farrell
Ballet dancer, Professor of Dance and Founder/Artistic Director of The Suzanne Farrell Ballet

2015: Daniel Ezralow
Dancer, choreographer

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