Catch fresh, new musicals as they emerge … at “Musi-Cal”

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Did you ever have the feeling you got dropped into a world that’s really rich and interesting — and as an extreme outsider, your brain is racing to keep up? You’re in a mild state of shock, i.e., where have I been while all of this has been going on?

That was much how I felt during my first visit to the monthly “Musi-Cal” events staged by the Festival of New American Musicals. In the showcases, audiences get early glimpses of musical-theater works-in-progress, all smartly delivered in the spacious digs of Rockwell, a restaurant in Los Feliz. The performances are quite high quality and the event attracts a fun, full house of avid followers … writers, singers, composers … creatives!

While this stuff is coming at you, your main job is to sip and chew the restaurant’s bar and menu offerings. And clap. And enjoy.

And remember — you saw it first at Musi-Cal.

“Musi-Cal” | Festival of New American Musicals | Rockwell Table & Stage  | Monday, April 13, 8 pm

Tuesday’s program follows here:

The Gingerbread Pimp
Book & Lyrics by Molly Reynolds, Music by Will Collyer
The Gingerbread Pimp is a darkly comedic twist on the inner workings of domestic abuse, told through the eyes of a once vibrant young wife.

Bastard Jones
Book by Marc Acito, Lyrics by Amy Engelhardt & Marc Acito, Music by Amy Engelhardt
Bastard Jones is a rollicking 17th century farce with a 21st century pop score.

Mary Marie
Book & Lyrics by Chana Wise, Music by Carl Johnson
13-year-old Mary Marie is surprisingly excited about her parents’ 1920’s divorce. But the novelty wears thin.

The Devil You Know
A rhythm and blues story
Music & Lyrics by Larry Poindexter, Book by David Carey Foster & Larry Poindexter
Due to the heat generated by an unreleased song’s play in a commercial, the disbanded group Devereaux is approached by their former label to complete their unfinished album.


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