Meet Fanchon, a successful Los Angeles woman of dance

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To pair with his biographical sketch on Fanchon published in the adjacent blog story, dance historian Larry Billman kindly provided arts·meme with photos of this slender and beguiling lady of arts and commerce.

According to Billman, Fanchon, in her day, was an “industry” of Los Angeles dance: a successful Hollywood choreographer, producer, businesswoman and dance company director. Have you ever heard of her? We hadn’t either, not really.

The photos …

1 – A casual publicity portrait of Miss Fanchon.
2 – Fanchon (right) of Fanchon and Marco demonstrates with two of her protégés a new test of acrobatic ability, showing the strenuous gymnastics required of chorus girls today. The call this stunt the “bow knot.”
3 – The theatre marquee features the names of Fanchon and Marco in this publicity photo taken when the “Mickey Mouse Idea” opened. The banner also proclaims “Birthplace of Fanchon and Marco Ideas.”
4 – Fanchon, the directress, coaching a line-up of recruits for the Sunkist Beauty ranks.” (April 27, 1928)

Photos courtesy The Academy of Dance on Film

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