Paula Abdul honored at Choreographer’s Carnival


Super delighted to learn the wonderful news that Paula Abdul, a career-long dancer/singer/choreographer, received a whole lotta love as well as an award at the annual Choreographer’s Carnival last week. In tribute to Paula, her dance video “Cold Hearted Snake” was recreated step by step (and you thought the Joffrey Ballet restaging of “The Rite of Spring” was historic!) This music video, in turn, was Abdul’s tribute to Bob Fosse’s “Airerotica” from All That Jazz. Photos:

  • Paula sandwiched (adorably) between Scotty Ngyen & Gustavo Vargas
  • Paulette Azizian, Choreographer’s Carnival producer, Paula, Eddie Garcia, re-stager of “Cold Hearted Snake

Here’s Paula Abdul’s high-gloss, super influential music video “Straight Up” from 1989. Enjoy! 

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