Apply now! Seeking new artistic director, L.A. Dance Project 2


arts·meme got an advanced copy of the application form for the newly opened position at L.A. Dance Project. This time ’round, they’re getting it right; they are going local!

Job Title: Artistic Director, Los Angeles Dance Project 
Instructions: Fill up the form 
#1 Fine Dining: Name three best soft-taco stands in L.A.  
#2 Time Management: 8 pm curtain at the Music Center – what time do you depart Santa Monica?
  7:15 pm
  7:00 pm
  5:30 pm
#3 Psychological Test: My highest moment in L.A.
  Disney Hall opening
  We got a subway, even though I never take it. 
#4 Psychological Test: My lowest moment in L.A.
  Rodney King verdict
  The glove didn’t fit O.J.
  My Sherman Oaks apartment crumbling in Northridge eathquake
  Benjamin resigns L.A. Dance Project 
  Ambassador Hotel demolished
  Grauman’s Chinese not called Grauman’s anymore
  Michael Govan trashes LACMA’s classic-film program
#5 L.A. Psycho: When I decide to end it all, my best option:
  Fling from the Hollywood Sign 
  Get crushed by LACMA rock 
  Swan dive from Vincent Thomas Bridge 
#6 A French dip is
  Bobbling in my swimming pool in topless bikini
  Mix Lipton’s soupe a l’oignon into sour cream
  Roast beef sand best eaten at Philippe’s 
#7 Spell the first name of L.A.’s leading dance patron
  Glory Hallelujah
#8 Can you choreograph? (not required)
#9 Have you ever managed a dance company? (not required)
#10 How committed are you? (one season or less acceptable)
#11 Bonus points: movie stars in family (list award nominations)
#12 Most important: What kind of car do you drive?

2 thoughts on “Apply now! Seeking new artistic director, L.A. Dance Project

  1. Heidi Duckler Jan 28,2013 11:45 am

    Question: Can my driver fill out my application? If not, how about my PR agent? Also, how much money is left out of the 1/4 million?

  2. Keith Jan 28,2013 12:15 am

    Love it!! One question re supporting materials: Can CV be submitted on roll of soft tissue . . . with readable print?

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