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Incandescent dance photography from a Hollywood film. Why are we not surprised that Jack Cole stands behind it? The Harlequinade costumes are a dead giveaway; one of the enduring interests of this choreographer (he died in 1974 in Los Angeles) was commedia dell’arte. High-voltage performance (Gower Champion laudable in the photo below) gives further clues. Spindly stage trees were a Cole trademark. The swap between a traditional proscenium set-up to an open, “infinity” stage provide final evidence of a dance-on-film maestro at work. Verso text here:

CHAMPS – The dancing Champions–Marge and Gower–in the Harlequinade production number choreographed by Jack Cole for Columbia’s Cinemascope, Technicolor musical, “Three for the Show.” 

sends a special “Happy New Year” wish to Marge Champion!

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  1. Larry Billman Jan 18,2013 6:15 pm

    And a Happy New Year to Arts.Meme!
    Thanks for all of the news and ideas in 2012. Looking forward to more Jack Cole. More Marge and Gower. More Rita and Marilyn and all of the fascinating stories about Hollywood dance you have unearthed to share…with all of us out here in the dark!

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