Ringing in 2011 at the Neujahrskonzert

They’re gonna have to tie me into my seat when the Strauss waltzes kick in at this weekend’s Neujahrskonzert at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

New Year’s concerts — famous, festive, and now franchised — are an old Austrian tradition.

You know, like sacher tortes and California governors.

[How did the Austrians come up with something real to do on New Year’s Eve when the rest of the world just kind of fumbles around?]

Anyway, Gina and I, two avid ballroom gals, look forward to the swelling sound of Vienna waltzes.

We’ll raise a misty eye, skyward, to Mr. Balanchine, who loved this music too.

Even though it’s a Sunday matinee, I’m planning on wearing my ball gown … in the remote possibility that a latter day Emperor Franz Josef may wish to spin me round the room.

Happy New Year, to one and all, from arts•meme!

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