In Pittsburgh, with Andy Warhol

Visual arts

It was a great joy to exit my United Airlines flight last weekend — yes, the pleasure of getting off the aircraft — was augmented by an exhibition of Andy Warhol art work right there at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Capturing my eye in particular was a display case of photos illustrating Warhol’s rather impressive transition from geeky Pittsburgh kid-hood to becoming the king of the uber-hip New York art world.

In thinking about my attachment to this great 20th century artist it’s hard to get beyond the fact that he’s a homeboy and I feel like I “get” Warhol’s sensibility. The irony — mixed with a tireless work ethic — is a Pittsburgh thing.

Thanks, Andy and cheers! 

The World of Warhol | Pittsburgh International Airport | thru Jan 2013

warhol flower photo from here.
Andy as Kid: Unknown photographer, Andy Warhol at the age of 8, c.1936

Thank you, The Warhol (museum)

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