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Remember the old-fashioned garden party? Where proper ladies and gentlemen sipped, nibbled, noshed, chewed, grazed, and gabbed?

Well, forget about that.

Welcome to Jacaranda‘s annual garden-party fundraiser event. That’s where the smart Los Angeles contemporary music society will introduce its new season in plein-air. And don’t forget your sun hat.

Because you may need to hang on to it. The garden party program includes not only the amazing Grammy Award-winning contemporary pianist, Gloria Cheng (in the photo at right, on fire), but an additional four piano virtuosi, to wit, Steven Vanhauwaert, Danny Holt, Genevieve Feiwen Lee, and Aron Kallay.

All five are scheduled to perform during Jacaranda’s upcoming 2012-13 season. They’ll play a variety of solo and 4-hands music at the garden party.

Four generations of American composers are represented on the roster: Nico Muhly, Veronika Krausas, David Lang, Tobias Picker, Alvin Lucier and John Cage, as well as compositions by Eric Satie and Olivier Messiaen.

A sumptuous lunch will be served in a outdoor setting. Cooling beverages promise to quench the musical flames.

The event is open to the public and newcomers are welcomed. I find it a very friendly crowd.

Jacaranda’s Annual Garden Party Fundraiser | Art & Music Atelier | Sunday June 24

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  1. Christian Hertzog Jun 15,2012 9:48 am

    Gloria is the Queen of New Music Pianists in Southern California. She has flawless technique and wonderful taste in music. Always worth hearing her play!

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