Traffic getting heavy near Mulholland Drive. BodyTraffic on board!


In flagrant disregard of its own name, BODYTRAFFIC, the Los Angeles contemporary dance company, is racing ahead.

So we wrote in the Los Angeles Times about Southern California’s sleek repertory dance ensemble.

Indeed our local dance troupe BODYTRAFFIC will transfer a slate of cool contemporary choreography across the country to the Joyce Theater — the mecca of modern dance in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. That happens June 6-7, as part of the Joyce’s annual Gotham Dance Festival.

But on Thursday May 31, Los Angeles gets a sneak preview. The special one-night-only performance celebrates the important Joyce Theater booking. The whole shebang was galvanized by BODYTRAFFIC, together with choreographer Barak Marshall, winning first prize ($10,000) in last spring’s A.W.A.R.D. Show. Then the Joyce Foundation piled on an additional $25,000 dollars for new dance development by Marshall for the company.

The evening will showcase the new Marshall work as well as one by Richard Siegal; both up-and-coming global choreographers  completed the works on commission from the 10-member dance company.

In New York City, Belgian choreographer Stijn Celis’s eerie “Fragile Dwellings,” inspired by homelessness and delivered within artist Erwin Redl’s incandescent light installation, will round out the program.

BODYTRAFFIC | University of Judaism Gindi Theater | May 31 | tickets

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