Highly recommended: Faye Driscoll @ UCLA



First it’s really good in a crazy way. Then it’s crazy in not-that-good of a way. Finally it’s super interesting in a way you can’t quite figure out. That’s the road map for “You’re Me,” a grueling duet that dancer/choreographer Faye Driscoll will present tonight and Friday at the Glorya Kaufman Theater on the UCLA campus. By her side, in her face, and all around her is Jesse Zaritt, her sometimes blithering, sometimes aggressive, mostly female-dominated dance partner.

The show is being produced by UCLA dance department vice-chair Victoria Marks at the smart and newish Kaufman Theater on campus [clue: use parking lot #4].

Both in its title and its ornate roll-out,”You’re Me” concerns the narcissistic projections that underpin our love pairings. It’s a dance-descent into relationship hell. Dragging along for the ride are ids, egos, grimaces, animal shrieks, carnality, brutality, lust and posturing. Also on board: feathers, oranges, grapes, gladiolas, spray paint, sunglasses, scarves and boas, and you, the audience.

The final minutes of this extreme performance-pageant contain a very brave and good solo by Driscoll.

“You’re Me” recalls similarly gutsy artists L.A. has recently hosted: Miguel Gutierrez at the Alexandria Hotel and Anne Halprin’s “Parades & Changes” at REDCAT.

You’re Me | Faye Driscoll | UCLA Kaufman Dance Theater | April 26, 27 

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