Preparing for “Pina”? Watch Sprockets.

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German filmmaker Wim Wenders’s sumptuous new film about the choreographer, Pina Bausch, is a wonder for the eyes — tucked though they are behind thick 3-D glasses.

The film, “Pina,” opening in L.A. on 13 October, is marketed as a documentary. But aren’t ya ‘spozed to learn stuff from a documentary?

Part of the film’s rigor is that it refuses to give the neophyte dance fan any background information about Pina Bausch whatsoever. Instead, we are treated to the mysterious droppings that arrive via talking heads, devoted members of Bausch”s dance company. For example:  “Pina used to say, ‘Be more crazy,’ ” or, “Pina used to say, ‘Surprise me.’ ”

Curious about German Expressionism? Mary Wigman? Kurt Jooss? Bugger off, just go study wikipedia before you see the movie!

arts·meme to the rescue! We provide herewith artistic orientation for “Pina.”

It’s easy. Watch Sprockets.

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