Chatting with Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies host 1

robert osborne, turner classic movies host

I very much enjoyed a chat with Robert Osborne who has achieved god-like status on TCM’s first-ever Classic Film Cruise. As we spoke, we were bobbling on the Celebrity “Millenium” cruise liner docked near to the coast of Cozumel in Mexico.

Everyone loves this smart, sensitive man.

He’s tall, he’s elegant. He’s handsome, and he’s nice. In person, he has a lovely, firm handshake. Ladies, he’s a doll.

Osborne told arts·meme, “I feel so lucky to have gotten the job … if you analyze it, like Alastair Cooke or Walter Cronkite, there is this phenomenon  — that people feel comfortable.

“They feel comfortable bringing me into their living room.

“I didn’t try to do it, but  it turned out to be part of [the mix]. I didn’t know I was going to be a nurse who can help people through tough times.

“But so many people have told me, ‘Hey, you got me through  cancer.’ [or] ‘I was home for a long time, I wouldn’t have got through that bad time without TCM.’

“I didn’t try to do it, but it turned out this way,” he repeated.

“I don’t watch myself. That’s up to the director. If you pay too much attention to yourself, you become self-conscious. It’s like actors who don’t read reviews. If I become conscious about what works, it might ruin it.”

Still one more full day on TCM Cruise ~ very special ~ having fun. Stay tuned for more, we are challenged by spotty internet connection. Cheers! From Cozumel…

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  1. Larry Billman Dec 14,2011 2:34 pm

    Robert Osborne is simply a class act – An incredible fan of films himself, he is the benchmark in TV Hosts today.

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