Hollywood’s dance super-agent, Julie McDonald, to be honored 3

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Julie McDonald, on the right, hanging out with a cool kitty, Toni Basil, and a cool cat, Kenny Ortega, both stellar clients of her body shop.

That would be McDonald Selznick Associates, the premier talent representation agency for dancers and choreographers in television, commercials, music videos and film.

Julie and her partner, Tony Selznick, created this market; before them, dancers, and especially choreographers, were treated in the most offhand, haphazard, undervalued fashion; dancers in film, for example, were categorized as “extras,” bearing just about that much professional stature. Julie is an industry pioneer who has advanced the status, compensation and treatment of dancers in Hollywood.

On Saturday, November 12, she’ll be honored by her peers when she’s given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 14th Annual Dance Under the Stars Choreography Festival.

That’s next Saturday night in Palm Desert.

The event “also” features eleven choreographers who’ll compete for multiple awards. They include Milwaukee Ballet Company, Terri Best Dance, Whim W�Him, Elements Contemporary Ballet, Courtney Ozovek, Regina Klenjoski Dance Company, Collaboration Movement, The University of Arizona School of Dance, Monat Dance, Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theatre, Reflections Dance Company.

We’ll be there too …

Congratulations, Julie, on this well deserved honor!

14th Annual Choreography Under the Stars Festival | McCallum Theatre | Palm Desert | Nov 12-13

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3 thoughts on “Hollywood’s dance super-agent, Julie McDonald, to be honored

  1. Lynette Kessler Nov 9,2011 5:14 am

    YES Julie! Very well deserved award. Don’t they give agents Academy Awards? Congratulations. From Brussels…

  2. andi hicks Nov 8,2011 12:27 pm

    What great news! Congratulations to you, Tony and your team. What a gift our dance agents are to the dance community. Enjoy and celebrate.

  3. Larry Billman Nov 5,2011 8:31 am

    Congratulations to Julie, who, along with Tony, changed the face and future of dance, dancers and choreographers. Julie, Tony and MSA deserves every recognition that can be given

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