Michael Jackson’s gold trousers

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Google michael jackson gold trousers. There are a bunch of images.

It’s a look he liked, and it reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road.

At left, the gold sequined pants he dons so terrifically in the rehearsal documentary, “This is It.” I saw the film last weekend and was thunderstruck by how talented and lovely was Jackson.

A still photo does not capture how the pants move — and just think how light would play off them.

Who else could pull this off?

Okay, there’s been bad taste over the years, but in general I like Jackson’s look. So intriguing to watch him in this film!

I love the fitted jackets, military piping, and shoulder pads. He had wonderful long legs. Just love the stovepipe trouser, white sock and black loafer.

Absolutely fantastic look for a dancer. Such a great dancer. News, ladies, Michael Jackson was sexy. He wasn’t just a freak, he didn’t just hang his baby off a balcony. He was hot. See the film, you’ll see it immediately.

Here’s Anna Kisselgoff’s New York Times review of Jackson’s dancing from 1988.

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