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This video excerpt from Russian television broadcast of the Bolshoi Theatre shows what David Hallberg wants more of … detailed personal coaching on Russian ballet classicism. He’s had a taste of it, and he’s going back for more. Apparently ABT could not offer him this. Otherwise why would he go?

But you gotta laugh at Hallberg’s facial expression at 2:29. Oy!

Just want to take this opportunity to memorialize yet another beautiful, tall, blonde ballet prince. It’s the Bolshoi man, Alexander Godunov, who died prematurely, in 1995, in Los Angeles, about two miles from where I now write.

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  1. Flo Selfman Oct 4,2011 3:12 pm

    Alexander Godunov. Had not thought of him in ages, but this reminded me of a time when I met out-of-town friends for dinner at an outdoor cafe on the Sunset Strip one summer evening. We were seated at a sidwalk table; my seated faced the restaurant. But instead of a solid wall, there was a large open window. At the inside table, facing us, was Alexander Godunov. So I (surreptitiously) got to look at him all through dinner. His hair was long and golden, if memory serves, he was wearing a royal blue shirt. I can’t say I lost my appetite, but when it was time for dessert…. Well, one can always dream.

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