Invertigo Dance Theatre’s fun with clutter


This image (clickable) from Invertigo Dance Theatre’s upcoming “Fun in Limbo” caught my eye. The amusing furniture-mountain was inspired, says choreographer Laura Karlin, by the Mother of all Hoarders, Miss Havisham, from Dickens’s Great Expectations.

The nutty pile of junk gives physical form to the insane overabundance of data and objects swirling ’round all of our lives.

Karlin, who works (well) with words, describes her piece as follows:

An array of characters is suspended in time, in a room, in limbo.  Each person has been heartbroken and remains stuck in their heartbreak.  They clash, laugh, mourn, tease, flirt, brawl, heal and try to find a way out.  Part Dickens, part One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and part European dance theatre, “Fun in Limbo” creates a strange and beautiful world.

Yes, Miss Havisham,  time to update, reload, refresh! Hey baby, clear your cache!

The downtown performance is free. It’s Sunday evening, so parking should be a cinch.  Go, and enjoy~!

“Fun in Limbo” | Invertigo Dance Theatre | Los Angeles Theatre Center | Sept 25

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