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Beyond giving me a life-long hankering for a pink counter top, “Pillow Talk,” the Rock Hudson/Doris Day romantic comedy,  is not to my liking. Made in 1959 right when I was hitting little girlhood, I find the film’s fifties innuendo and double-entendres, well, nauseating. My ’50s guy is Jack Cole — hard core, provocative, sexy, gay, rebellious.

I nevertheless anticipate with great pleasure a “Pillow Talk” of a different ilk. It’s one of the fun afternoon panel discussions held at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival covering every dance topic under the Berkshire Mountains sun.

As a Scholar in Residence at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival for the next two weeks, I’ll participate in an “Online Dancing” Pillow Talk panel, Saturday, August 13. The line-up includes four tweeting, facebooking, blogging ladies who will opine on the state of dance on the internet.

Jacob’s Pillow Idea Impresario, Maura Keefe, will moderate this esteemed group of mouse-grippers and touchpad ticklers:


  • Nancy Wozny once went 10 days without seeing any art, and well, she won’t do that again. She divides her time between covering every inch of Houston’s art-scape and writing for CultureMap, Pointe Magazine, Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, Visualseen, Absolutely in the Loop, Houston ArtsWeek, Dance Source Houston, and Dance Magazine, where she is a contributing editor. Nancy was a resident scholar at the Pillow this summer.
  • Jennifer Edwards, founder and director of JenEd Productions, is expert in crafting and packaging ideas for human consumption. As a writer, choreographer, and consultant specializing in messaging, stress management, and organizational change management, Edwards is skilled in shaping and delivering streams of ideas.
  • Lisa Niedermeyer is an independent consultant currently managing digital projects for Jacob’s Pillow. Under the ‘Virtual Pillow‘ initiative Lisa is a connector to resources on social/new media and digital marketing as well as a co-curator of online engagement channels including Jacob’s Pillow on FORA.tv and PillowTV on YouTube. Lisa serves on the advisory board of Movement Media, a NYC-based organization that empowers dance artists as curators, creators, and strategists of media.
  • And your faithful arts·meme correspondant, Debra Levine.

The curator for Pillow Talks is Jacob’s Pillow Preservation Director Norton Owen.

4 thoughts on “Pillowtalk.2011 release

  1. Flo Selfman Aug 10,2011 4:53 pm

    Debra, reading arts-meme is like shopping at Harrod’s and dining at Le Cirque! I’m full.

  2. Lynn Aug 10,2011 2:12 pm

    Yay! This sounds like a terrific panel – have fun!

  3. Jennifer Edwards Aug 5,2011 2:47 pm

    This is wonderful Debra! Many thanks and completely looking forward this Pillow Talk!

    #Excited #ReadyToTalkDanceOnline

    Sending my very best.

  4. nancy Wozny Aug 5,2011 11:42 am

    Thanks for putting this together. Was Pillow Talk that bad? Always had a weak spot for Rock. Doris Day, not so much.

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