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I’m looking forward to attending UCLA Film & Television Archive’s Gene Kelly event which comprises part of their  film preservation festival . Event is called,“Gene Kelly On Television.”

OMNIBUS: ‘Dancing: A Man’s Game NBC, 12/21/1958
(1958) Directed by Gene Kelly and William A. Graham

In writing, choreographing and directing this program for the prestigious Omnibus series, Gene Kelly established a firm link between dance and athletics. Highlights include Kelly in a delightful tap-dance duet with boxer Sugar Ray Robinson and a look at the similarities between skating and ballet featuring figure-skater Dick Button and dancer Edward Villella. Variety described it as a “stunning production, expertly directed and executed.”

Producer: Robert Saudek, George M. Benson, Walter Kerr, Mary V. Ahern, Alistair Cooke, Richard H. Thomas
Screenplay: Gene Kelly
Cast: Gene Kelly, Alistair Cooke, Dick Button
DVcam, B/W, 60 min.


Gene Kelly in New York, New York, CBS, 2/14/66
(1966) Directed by Charles S. Dubin

Gene Kelly is in New York and in fine form for a musical tour of Manhattan with Rockefeller Center, the Plaza Hotel and the Museum of Modern Art serving as backdrops for entertaining production numbers. Joining Kelly in this sparkling hour of song and dance are comedian Woody Allen, dancer/choreographer Gower Champion, British musical comedy star Tommy Steele and songstress Damita Jo.

Producer: Robert Wells
Screenplay: Johnny Bradford, Woody Allen
Cast: Woody Allen, Gene Kelly, Gower Champion
DVcam, Color, 60 min.

Gene Kelly on Television | UCLA Hammer Museum | Saturday evening


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  1. Carren Mar 27,2011 11:18 pm

    Lovely! Too bad I missed this. I love Gene Kelly’s style. I remember watching so many of his movies when I was growing up 🙂

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