Yuichiro Ando @ New Puppy Gallery

Visual arts

All kinds of documentary and feature films have examined George Bush’s little war, but I’ve yet to see a fine artist’s response. Because … how many artists have had flip-flops on the ground in Iraq?

Iraqi war veterans struggling to move on from their experience may include an L.A. artist, Yuichiro Ando, an Otis art-school graduate and long-time video journalist for NHK, the Japanese news service.

Saturday night, New Puppy Gallery opens a mixed-media exhibit with works by Ando, based upon his three journalistic/film making tours of Iraq.

The work is bloody, even grisly, which is appropriate for an artist whose bad luck it was to see so much destruction, to wit, the deaths of many Iraqi civilians. Each of his seven sculptural paintings is dedicated to a death Ando witnessed.

Our last amazing chapter at New Puppy, located off San Fernando Road between Echo Park and downtown, was ROA’s impressive “rodents of Los Angeles” show. We wonder what they have in store tonight.

Left to Rod | New Puppy Gallery | March 12 – 27 | opening reception tonight

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