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An all-star cast of Florence Henderson, Laraine Newman, Ileana Douglas, Eugene Pack, Julian Sands, Jonathan Silverman, Jennifer Tilly, and more, read snippets of real celebrity autobiographies to the great pleasure of a café-style audience in the Eyde performance space behind the Broad mainstage. It’s a wicked funny review with a rarin’-to-go pick-up cast: Celebrity Autobiography.

A huge delight to sit at close range to talent of this caliber, as they intone the blind narcissism of real books by Marilu Henner, Suzanne Somers, Tiger Woods, Burt Reynolds — and, in the coup de grace, a three-way celeb mash-up of self-promotional positioning by Hollyweird’s ultimate love-triangle: Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor. Richard Burton bellows like a cow from the sidelines. (In a neat Greek chorus, the same episode gets told via three celeb bios, Florence Henderson bestowing a cutting portrayal of an impossibly haughty Liz T.)

Every cast member pulls weight with panache, but special mention goes to SNL veteran Laraine Newman, who channels Hedy Lamarr; Illeana Douglas as Pamela Anderson more than holds her own with Tommy Lee;  Jennifer Tilly recites a Suzanne Somers poem, “The Quiet Loneliness of Being Alone”; and the cast’s sole Brit, the divine Julian Sands, imparts Kenny Loggins’ new-age relationship wisdom to “let the ‘us’ in us … in.”

And in an impeccable bit of typecasting, Florence Henderson appears as Mr. T.

Celebrity Autobiography | Broad Stage | March 27, 7 & 9 pm | Go!

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  1. Erica Miner Mar 2,2011 7:04 pm

    What fun! We all have our “I’ve seen him/her somewhere in L.A.” moments. Mine was years ago at a cafe on Malibu Beach, when I sat at a table adjacent to Suzanne Somers. These personalities always fascinate. Viva “Celebrity Autobiography.”

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