Natalia Osipova’s ethereal “Giselle” 1


I met and briefly interviewed the phenomenal 24-year-old Bolshoi and ABT ballerina Natalia Osipova yesterday, in rehearsal for an upcoming performance in Orange County next January. She struck me as a magnificently moody Russian.

Read my L.A. Times article here.

This Russian television broadcast shows Osipova’s unearthly technique, particularly her jumps, and there is something so exquisite about her arms … young and energized, yet refined.

Osipova’s Albrecht, the South Dakota-born David Hallberg, performs port de bras while doing (foot) batterie at the beginning of this clip. I never saw that done before, and I love it.


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One comment on “Natalia Osipova’s ethereal “Giselle”

  1. Erica Miner Sep 21,2011 4:27 pm

    Everything about her is unearthly. Entirely appropriate for Giselle, of course. She actually brought tears to my eyes. His grace is superlative, and I admit the port de bras is unique. Still, my heart belongs to Barishnikov in this role. He was my ‘first.’

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