John Waters & Carrie Fisher dish at ALOUD 1

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john-watersThis just in from Louise Steinman, curator-turned-impresario of the Library Foundation’s ALOUD book talk series.

Louise has nailed down what promises to be a wild and wonderful evening of conversation

Filmmaker John Waters communes with his interlocutor, Carrie Fisher.

fishercTwo of show business’s sharpest minds (and fastest tongues!) meet to discuss their role models!

John Waters & Carrie Fisher | ALOUD | Japan America Theater | June 8

Late-breaking blogpost dated June 9: Read about the event here.


One comment on “John Waters & Carrie Fisher dish at ALOUD

  1. Sarah Hackett Jun 7,2010 1:59 pm

    I want 2 tickets for John Waters/Carrie Fisher.  YAY!

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