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Gina! The great Lollobrigida appears @ TCM Fest 2

So much fun, at Friday’s TCM Fest 2016, to view director Carol Reed’s marvelous Cinemascope circus movie, “Trapeze,” a color-drenched treatment of a world gone-by; the setting, a circus smack in the middle of Paris. Cast as a foxy and ambitious she-acrobat, Gina Lollobrigida brings her earthy presence to the film, as she jockeys her ...

Tony Curtis, forever young 1

About an hour after this photo was taken in 2004, up pulled a huge stretch limousine and out popped the devilish Tony Curtis, forever young. A sidewalk full of admirers and fans immediately surrounded him. It was fun watching Curtis work the crowd. Edging in, I asked for his autograph. Only … I don’ t ...