In ‘jazz quarantine’ with Josh Nelson Trio 2

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For jazz musicians and their audience, the spring and summer months of 2020 have been, to paraphrase the rebel leader Don Jose in The Wild Bunch, the months of sadness. Musicians need to communicate, exchange, and create with each other. And most thrive before an audience. As clubs and music spaces shutter due to the ...

Los Angeles lore thru music & photography @ Central Library

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Josh Nelson: The Sky Remains, May 4, 2019, singer Kathleen Grace out frontCentral Library downtown Los Angelesphoto courtesy of Mark Christian Miller, Corniche Entertainment A wonderful Saturday afternoon: a chance to unplug, be with people, and simply simmer in a stew of creativity, while taking in a jazz concert in the cozy confines of the ...

Mark Christian Miller by turns suave, touching at the Gardenia

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“It’s really a downer!” admitted cabaret singer Mark Christian Miller, in genial patter during his tight set of jazz standards and high 1970s pop at Hollywood’s Gardenia Restaurant & Lounge Saturday night. “Is there anybody else here? It’s cold and I’m so lonely,” runs the plaintive lyric of Harry Nilsson’s “Life Line,” a jewel of ...