Flowers from John Lautner

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Samuel’s Florist, 2017 photo: Adriene Biondo In October 2017 our friend the architectural historian Alan Hess, author of The Architecture of John Lautner, felt a frisson comparable to how ladies feel when receiving a big unexpected flower bouquet. The Architecture of John Lautner, author Alan Hess Ding dong, Alan’s architectural preservationist sidekick/friend, Adriene Biondo, was ...

The perils of Pauline Schindler 1

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In an early letter, Pauline Schindler wrote, “One of my dreams, Mother, is to have, someday, a little joy of a bungalow, on the edge of the woods and mountains near a crowded city, which shall be open just as some people’s hearts are open, to friends of all classes and types… Surely the mother ...

John Lautner, visionary architect and artist, honored in Los Angeles

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The John Lautner Foundation and the Los Angeles Conservancy co-convened a marvelous panel discussion comprised of passionate professionals who have purchased and/or restored modern homes designed by architect John Lautner (1911-1994). The L.A.-based architect would have turned 100 this past July.